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Paving bricks without seams


Once again, it's a cliché to say that it's time to leave tiling and paving tiles. At this stage, there are very few ceramic faucets that can really make a stitching and paving tile, especially the three-and-four-tiered city tiles are the most popular. In addition to customers who partially use glazed tiles to leave the seams, other products such as end-use customers using polished tiles, microcrystalline stones, etc., will rarely be left over. Next, we will discuss in detail the basic issues related to tile laying and other related issues.

Reasons and Solving Method of Tile Emptying Non-stick Cement


First, the main reason for the non-stick cement tiles:

What is super flat glaze!


Ultra-flat glaze, some are called pure glaze, full glazed, super-crystalline, high-crystal and so on.

Talking about wood grain brick


Wood grain brick is a new type of high-quality ceramic detached brick product with wood grain decoration pattern on the surface. It has vivid lines, natural and simple, no wood flooring fading, no wear resistance and other shortcomings, easy maintenance of matt glazed tiles. It features bright lines and clear patterns. Wood grain brick has high fidelity, vividly mimicking the fine lines of wood; the surface is waterproof, easy to clean, if dusty, can be directly wiped with water; itself has a flame retardant, non-corrosive features, is green, environmentally friendly Building materials; The products have long service life, wear resistance, and do not need to be periodically waxed and maintained like wooden products.

Analysis on the Radioactivity of Stone Materials


In the process of renovation, it is unavoidable to use various kinds of stone, but in recent years, with people's attention to decoration and environmental protection, the radioactivity of stone has also attracted attention. However, there are many types of stone, and the radioactivity is also different. Today, let us discuss with you the Stone Radioactivity.

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