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Diamond Tile All the Way Forward Hike


April 1, by the Foshan Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department guidance, Foshan City Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism and Sports, the Municipal Civilization Office, Foshan Media Group co-sponsored the "beautiful Foshan, all the way forward" - 2023 Foshan 50 kilometers of hiking activities formally started. A goodbye for three years and spring return to the blossoming season to meet again gentleman, a three-year hiking activities attracted hundreds of thousands of domestic and foreign hiking enthusiasts and citizens to participate in the peer, and by the many media and people from all walks of life of the community's wide attention, has become the Foshan people to participate in the city's major events. Diamond tile company up and down all departments sent representatives, about 60 employees participated in this activity.

Diamond ceramics won the "engineering channel recommended brand" and "building ceramics top 100 brands" titles


Diamond ceramics won the "engineering channel recommended brand" and "building ceramics top 100 brands" titles

Diamond Ceramics won the title of "2021 China's top 100 brands of building ceramics".


The afternoon of December 30, 2021, close to the "New Year" this special node, sponsored by Huaxia ceramics network, more home "create your tradition" 2021 global ceramics new ecological year-end forum and the overall evaluation of the list of the series of list awards in Foshan Chancheng Green Island Plaza, the design of the island of ceramic tile library was held. 活动现场     活动由三大部分组成,包括老牛说•跨年对话、华夏陶瓷网行业首席分析师聘任环节,以及“2021全球陶瓷新生态年终系列榜单”的揭晓。钻石陶瓷荣获“2021中国建筑陶瓷百强品牌”称号。     据了解,本次列入候选名单的品牌(企业),专家评审小组从产品力、渠道力、规模力、专业力、资本力、国际化、成长性、年轻化、活跃度、传播力10个维度进行调研、考评。本次获奖,代表了行业和专家对钻石陶瓷品牌的高度认可。     钻石陶瓷始于1961年,是经广东佛陶集团钻石陶瓷有限公司,及佛山钻石陶瓷有限公司先后多次深化改革而成的专业生产经营建筑陶瓷产品的大型企业。公司的产品主要有釉面砖、负离子通体大理石、通体及瓷质瓷抛砖、通体及瓷质仿古砖、瓷质耐磨砖、外墙砖、休闲卫浴等七大系列。       2021年,是建陶行业艰难的一年。面对原材料的上涨、天然气价的高企、限电、环保……等一系列市场环境,机遇与挑战并存。钻石陶瓷不断研究、设计和生产新一代消费者喜爱的高品质产品,在未来不断变化的市场竞争中,钻石陶瓷将会为消费者提供更加优质的产品和精致的服务。

2021 Rising Stars | Diamond Ceramics Awarded Outstanding Product of the Year


"China Ceramic Sanitary Ware Leading Brand Summit Forum" and the 17th Emerging List Awards Ceremony, in Foshan City, Chancheng District, New Media Industrial Park officially opened. As the ceramic sanitary ware industry has the greatest influence, the widest coverage of the honor list, the new list is known as the ceramic sanitary ware industry "Oscar", this year to attract more than 200 brands to participate.

Original Excellence Exhibition and Style List Unveiled, Diamond Anti-Static Tile Awarded Best of the Year


"2020 first original fine ceramics invitational exhibition opening and fashion list award ceremony" was held successfully. Activity by tencent home furnishing and intellectual alliance live broadcast.

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