Joining agent

Affiliate Policy
The company will use a strong material foundation and a refined marketing team to provide all-round support to partners.
1, to provide the store's CI image design points (store decoration costs conceited).
2, free to provide human resources training.
3, to provide a unified and efficient marketing plan and related promotion.
4. Franchisees can enjoy the right to operate a diamond brand within a designated area.
Join conditions
No criminal crimes and bad business records, good business reputation and business quality.
related experience:
With modern marketing concepts, relevant industry experience, store operating experience and strong operating capabilities.
related information:
With a certain degree of franchise knowledge, wall tiles and paving, maintenance knowledge, store management knowledge, in line with the company's business philosophy.
Located in downtown area, street, building materials city, in line with the company's franchise store site planning, own or lease of not less than 80 square meters shop.
It can strictly fulfill the responsibilities and obligations stipulated by the diamond company franchise contract, comply with the company's franchise store business manual and other documents, and abide by the company's unified specification requirements for franchisees.
Specific requirements:
1, must have a good store image.
(1) Location of specialty stores: Exhibition halls should be set up in areas where people flow is concentrated or in the large-scale building materials market. It is better to have street entrances and external entrances or main entrances of building materials markets.
A. Big City: The main traffic port of the large professional building materials market.
B. Small and medium-sized cities: People flow concentrated or professional building materials traffic mouth.
(2) According to the company's CI image professional design, decoration.
After the design has obtained the consent of both parties, the facade and interior decoration of the exhibition hall must be renovated according to the diamond design scheme.
All diamond products in the exhibition hall must be installed and kept clean, and diamond dealer certificates and designated certificates must be issued.
2, must set up a professional marketing team.
(1) Network development, management, and tracking service personnel;
(2) Engineering information collection, tracking, service personnel;
(3) Professional store management, store service personnel.
3, must have a good advertising campaign
(1) Door advertising
(2) Main traffic outlets for the building materials market
4. Pay attention to network construction
(1) Establish Distribution
(2) Direct chain stores
5, good after-sales service
(1) Home delivery
(2) Handle quality complaints in a timely manner
(3) Good protection measures for distribution networks in the region.
6. Strong economic strength and brand operation awareness.
7. Have good loyalty and integrity to the company.
8, have a good social relationship.
9. Except for spring holidays, the exhibition hall should be open all year round.