Emerging list of authoritative jury group visited diamond ceramics visit



Known as China's ceramic industry "Oscar" of China's ceramic industry list of new talent has entered the evaluation stage, April 17, 2021, the 17th list of new talent jury delegation to visit the headquarters of diamond ceramics - diamond hall, visit and start the formal review. Emerging list review committee chairman, the National Science and Technology Progress Award review experts, China Building Materials Circulation Association chief expert Huang Xinhong, China Building Materials Group Xianyang Ceramics Research and Design Institute of the former executive vice president Li turn, the new list of senior jury experts (participated in a total of 17 sessions of the review), Foshan Ceramics Society Executive Director Xu Ping, Guangdong Ceramics Association, deputy director of the Committee of Experts, Foshan Ceramics Society, vice president of the Huang Huining, National Ceramics and Plumbing and Sanitary Ware Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, deputy director, professor-level senior engineers District Zhuo Kun, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts College of Arts and Crafts, vice president of Wei Hua, Chuangshou construction engineering company partner / Rui Gao design custom partners Foshan Interior Design Association, FIDA Design Institute co-director Fu Zujun, Tao City Newspaper executive director, editor-in-chief Dai Keli, Tao City Newspaper party branch secretary, office director Huo Mingyan and other members of the jury. Director Huo Mingyan and other judges and reporters to report the group.

In 2021, diamond ceramics "years - Butterfly Rock" was honored to obtain the [17th China Ceramics Industry Emerging List] - "Product of the Year" selection qualification. Expert jury delegation accompanied by Wang Zhifeng, general manager of diamond ceramics, visited the headquarters of the Diamond Museum showroom. At the same time, the expert panel of judges on the evaluation of the product "years - Butterfly Rock" design concept, function and technology-related information for in-depth discussion.


Diamond ceramics general manager Wang Zhifeng elaborated on the overall development of the diamond ceramic brand strategy layout, and introduced to the experts of the brand's history of development, from product production to the management of the results achieved by the innovation, won the expert jury group's high degree of recognition. During the period, the expert jury group on the diamond brand product line expressed great interest, have stopped to observe.

Diamond Ceramics Age - Butterfly Rock The process of advanced special dry particles in the line of soft throwing technology, the use of digital deep relief positioning system, through the 1200-degree high-temperature calcined, polished after the concave part of the light will shine, the surface with the change of light and present a different luster and color of the phantom edge, feel soft, light suitable for the home decorating effect of the more obvious grade, to bring the user a different visual experience.

China ceramic industry new list known as ceramic industry "Oscar" said, the selection has always abided by the objective, fair and authoritative selection principle, attracting many outstanding brands to compete. Diamond ceramics will go to the full participation in the competition for the new list of awards. I believe that diamond ceramics with strong brand strength and high quality products will be able to live up to expectations, let us look forward to "2021 Emerging List" list of the final announcement!