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Talking about wood grain brick

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What is a wood grain brick?
Wood grain brick is a new type of high-quality ceramic detached brick product with wood grain decoration pattern on the surface. It has vivid lines, natural and simple, no wood flooring fading, no wear resistance and other shortcomings, easy maintenance of matt glazed tiles. It features bright lines and clear patterns. Wood grain brick has high fidelity, vividly mimicking the fine lines of wood; the surface is waterproof, easy to clean, if dusty, can be directly wiped with water; itself has a flame retardant, non-corrosive features, is green, environmentally friendly Building materials; The products have long service life, wear resistance, and do not need to be periodically waxed and maintained like wooden products.
Second, what are the advantages of wood grain bricks?
Combining the excellent characteristics of wood floors and tiles, the first is a highlight of wood grain bricks. Its surface is an enamel surface with a realistic wood pattern. It will not be subject to water variability, fading, wear resistance, etc., like wood floors, but it is moisture-proof, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean, wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistant, green, long-lasting, and does not need periodicity like wood products. Waxing maintenance and so on.
Secondly, as a kind of antique brick, wood grain bricks are mostly matte bricks with good anti-skid properties and are suitable for families with elderly people and children. In addition, the use of wood grain bricks is not limited to the common space of wood floors such as living rooms, bedrooms, study rooms, and stairs. It can also be used in shops, collection rooms, and even balconies, bathrooms, and kitchens.
In addition, in the decoration effect, the wood grain bricks are produced by inkjet, embossed, mold or sink glaze technology to produce vivid and vivid wooden patterns, so that the products naturally show classic elegant style effects, creating a particularly comfortable and pleasant bedroom surroundings.
Want to use wood brick, of course, we must understand its shortcomings. First of all, in terms of foot feeling, wood grain bricks are not as comfortable as wooden floors. In texture, the patterns of wood grain bricks are often too rigid and rigid. If the time is long and dirty, tiled floors often appear black seams, which greatly affect the appearance. Moreover, if there is a broken piece in the brick, it will need to be completely replaced, and the wooden floor can be replaced by a single piece.
Third, the anti-skid effect of wood grain bricks, please?
The creative idea of ​​wood grain bricks is derived from wooden floors, but it can avoid the problem that wood floors are easily deformed and cracked due to temperature and humidity, and formaldehyde is released when heated. The appearance of a good wood grain brick is the same as that of a log, but it is waterproof, fireproof and moisture-proof, and the pattern is exquisite and beautiful.
Fourth, wood grain brick shop floor how?
Wood grain brick shop kitchen and bathroom floor are good. Wood grain brick itself is a kind of matte brick, not slippery, easy to clean, strong wear resistance, to do the living room, kitchen, bathroom floor tiles are very suitable. The surface of some wood grain bricks has a bumpy texture and can be regarded as a non-slip tile.
Five, wood grain tiles can be seamlessly paved it?
Wood grain tiles are recommended to stay well. Wood grain tiles are always tiles, not as wood floors. Staying in the seams will make the life of the bricks longer.
6. Is it better to use wood grain bricks or wood floors in bedrooms?
It is definitely better for wood grain bricks. Because formaldehyde is widely present in wood floor adhesives and wood floor paints, it is possible to inadvertently introduce formaldehyde during the lay-up process, even if the wood floor itself is not excessively formaldehyde-free. The bedroom is where people rest. If they are installed with geothermal heat, they will accelerate the volatilization of harmful substances in the wooden floor. You will absorb more formaldehyde during your sleep and it is still very bad.
Seven, how to choose wood grain brick?
Tiles installed into the home, usually will not be replaced for a long time, so when buying tiles, you can not just pay attention to the price, specifications, colors, matching, services, etc., all need to measure comprehensive consideration, so as not to lose. Recently, the wood grain bricks (ceramic wood floors) that have been consistently favored by consumers in the building materials market have caused a variety of jagged business brand products to flow into the market under various low-price slogans due to increased consumer demand.
1, look, the less the texture repeats, the better
As we all know, the world is not exactly the same two leaves, buy a good, high-end wood grain brick products also need to buy fewer repeated surface, to avoid unreality, at least to dozens of pieces are not repeated wood grain Brick products can be referred to as high-end wood grain brick products and achieve a natural and natural effect when applied on a large area.
2, sense, unique design
Everyone likes their own home is unique and unique. Tiles are the basic material of the ground wall, and the shop floor covers most of the area of ​​the home. When this type of product is purchased, whether the design sense of the product is good or not affects the final paving effect. The wood grain brick is a product that draws nature, and requires high-precision wood specimens to be scanned, and then the designer creates the material.
3, ask, master of advanced technology
Ceramic tile digital inkjet printing technology is the latest technology of ceramics, in simple terms is the same as the office color printer, but the paper is replaced with a tile, is the same concept in different areas of the use only. The introduction of this technology in domestic equipment is also a matter of two or three years, and there are not many companies that can skillfully use it. Mastering the level of familiarity in technology directly affects the final result of the product.
4, touch, real touch
Wood grain bricks not only need to see, but also need to touch. The surface of the high-end wood grain surface has a rough texture of the wood, and the texture details such as the rings and the wooden eyes enter the wood three-thirds.
5, exploration, physical properties must be excellent
The home is the warmest place in the world. Everything in the home will affect the mood. The quality of the returned product must be excellent to reduce the trouble that should not have been. A large-area wood grain brick with a natural feeling on the ground is needed. When purchasing, you need to ask the sales person to understand the physical properties, such as whether the specifications are complete, whether the straightness water absorption rate is higher than the general standard, and the abrasion resistance coefficient is at least 0.4. Above, the anti-slip coefficient and anti-fouling coefficient also need to meet the national standards.
6, know, "the story behind"
The use of glazes and quality control of wood grain bricks are directly related to the product's quality stability. At the time of purchase, ask the sales person about the origin of the glaze and the quality control of the product.
7, reward, space real
The owners all want the decoration to be unexpected. Therefore, before buying, refer to other cases to see the final real effect. It is also a good reference for the decoration of your own home.
Therefore, if you want to buy a high-end, good-looking grain brick product, first look at the product from a distance to see how many surfaces are not repeated, whether the design surface is unique, and then touch the texture of the surface of the wood grain brick. Whether it is comfortable or not, it is important to communicate with the sales staff during the purchase process, and to compare and inquire about the quality and physical properties of the product. Finally, if you look at other people's homes that have been renovated, you can have a comfortable and natural environment. Space for
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