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The company organizes employees to carry out summer green and hydrophilic tours

In order to enrich the lives of employees, enhance communication and exchanges between employees, and reflect the team spirit of solidarity, friendship and helping each other, the company organizes employees to carry out green and hydrophilic trips that are close to nature and enjoy the beauty of nature and summer heat. Pleasant body and mind.
     On a sunny day on July 6, 2014, the first stop of the event was sited at the Sihui Reservoir, a place where mountains and rivers are blessed with fresh air and green trees on the hills. It is like a place of paradise. Everyone is singing and laughing on the road. After two hours drive to reach the destination. Looking at the mountains in the distance, feeling the clusters of young grass sprouting in the distance, listening to the sounds of birds and summer bugs, and letting those people who have lived in the bustling city for a long time feel unparalleled comfort and enjoyment. Natural breath!
The second stop of the event is located in Sanshui Greenwater Lake Villa, where you can swim in the green landscaped pool and enjoy the unusual coolness under the hot sun. You can also taste authentic farm food. This activity increased the feelings among employees, created a positive, united and progressive atmosphere, enhanced team cohesion, and also reflected the company's people-oriented corporate culture. All of us expressed that we must constantly carry out such activities in the future so that employees can relax their minds while they are busy with their work. The combination of work and rest not only cultivates sentiments, but also enhances everyone’s ability to adapt to the next stage of enthusiasm. Work to go.