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Glazed tile instructions

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Dear customers, Thank you for using diamond tile products. Ceramic tiles produced by our company are high-quality building materials, suitable for indoor and outdoor walls and floor decoration. To ensure the use of results, please follow the instructions for construction and maintenance.
◆ Before paving
1. Please check whether the product model, grade, color number and working size marked on the packing box are the same, and pay attention to sorting stacking and use.
2. Spread the product to the open space for observation. If there are obvious chromatic aberrations or visible defects in the blink of an eye, stop paving and immediately notify the distribution unit. At the same time, save the packaged goods. Once paved, it cannot be accepted.
◆ when paving
1. If the brick surface is covered with a protective film, do not tear it off until it is finished and remove it after the decoration is completed.
2. The product is soaked with fresh water (it is not allowed to inundate the tiles with the carton), it is used only when it is dry and waterless, and it is used for pull-line laying, and the use of 325 grade cement. Polishing products are forbidden to hit the brick surface with a rubber hammer.
3, according to the product surface pattern characteristics (the surface pattern is not obviously in accordance with the brick back of the trademark or arrow) to lay the same direction.
4, according to different varieties and construction requirements to stay ash joints: glazed tiles ≤400*300MM suitable to stay 1.5-2.5MM mortar joints; ≥450*300MM suitable to stay 2-3MM wide mortar joints, Royal series (edging brick) ≥450* 300MM suitable for leaving 1 - 2MM wide mortar joints and jointing treatment within 24 hours using sealant, timely wipe with a cloth or sponge wet water or tile cleaner.
◆ After the maintenance of the shop
1. Please timely remove foreign matter (such as detergent, sawdust, or tile cleaner) that adheres to the brick surface during construction.
2. It is forbidden to use strong acids, alkalis and other liquids for cleaning to prevent damage to the brick surface by hard objects. No protective layer may be used for other operations on the surface.
3. For daily cleaning, please use ground tow (regularly add dust remover) and periodically use protective wax to maintain the ground according to the conditions of use.
◆ If you have any other quality problems, please contact the distributor, once paving, can not be accepted.